Don the Dillo

May 30, 2009

Where I live, we don’t have armadillos. My boyfriend finds them adorable and kept asking me if we could have one as a pet, so I decided to make him one for his birthday. Needless to say, he adores this 10-inch buddy that rolls up into a ball when tired.

I couldn’t find any armadillo patterns I liked, and I wanted it to be able to roll up into a ball, so I gathered up all my courage and decided to try inventing one. This is my first attempt at inventing my own pattern, and I’m proud of the result.

The pattern is now available here for all to try. If anything is unclear, please tell me.Also, if you make a Don, please send me photos!!

Happy knitting!!


I think Don likes coffee

I think Don likes coffee

Don the Dillo pattern